Friday, 26 September 2014

Toddler Creations: Cotton Wool Ball Painting

We've had a week of farm based play, a small world, books, puzzles and we finished the week with a visit to Godstone Farm in Surry. 

When we got home we were all a bit tired and needed an activity to get us towards dinner time. A handy collection of pudding pots were the perfect size for some cotton wool ball stamps. 

Very simply cotton wool slightly teased out and then pinched in a peg. A great stamp and easy for a toddler to manipulate, hold and move. 

I mixed up colours from the farm including pink and brown with some white for our favourite sheep! We talked lots about the animals and the sounds they make and the colours they were. 

L very quickly mastered how to use the peg stamps and was able to put them into the paint pot and then onto the paper. She loved going "pop" as she pulled the stamp off the paper. 

The results were lovely blurry splodges of colour and they joined L's growing gallery in our creative area at home. 

L = 15 months


  1. Love this! I've been wanting to try painting with Eliot I'll def dry this :) x

    1. Hi Lucinda, its a great way to introduce painting and keeping it contained using the peg 'brushes' is a pretty safe way to do it. x

  2. O is almost 15 months old and loves dipping things, he can't say his P's but we get a round of 'di,di,di' every time. This would be a great activity to do with him, I love how you used the farm colours too :)