Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Baby no.2!

In February I had those symptoms.

Those boobs which are sore, heavy. That sleep which is interrupted. And that period which hadn't arrived.

One pee on a stick and Js excited nod three minutes later and we knew that baby no.2 was on their way! 

Exciting times. 

We are now 13 weeks pregnant.

We've had the usual start to a pregnancy, the sickness, both pregnancy related and  general virus illness. I had a week signed off work when a virus knocked me for six.  And the excitement and joy of telling wider family and friends. 

We have also started to talk to L about her new role as a big sister. She is very interested in babies and how they grow in tummies. She has seen the scan photos but for her a grainy picture is a bit  hard to relate to a baby she can cuddle and change the nappy of. 

Baby no.2 is due in October this year and we can't wait to meet them! 

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  1. Ahh congratulations! How exciting for you all! I think L will be a super big sister!