Friday, 3 October 2014

Toddler Creations: Blue collage

This was one of my all time favourite activities to set up in my Reception classrooms. A large collage in one or two colours to work on collaboratively. Its a great activity to support sharing and discussion, it can help reluctant talkers talk as they focus on painting or sticking and it can be used for all sorts of great displays either as is or when cut up.

I decided in our week of colour based activities to set something similar up for L, I decided on blue as we are also making links back to our visit to the Tate Modern and the Matisse exhibition a few months ago.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Media Storm

Last week the lovely Hannah of Mums Days shared my birth story again via her Facebook page. It is one of over 100 birth stories shared by mums who have had every birth imaginable. 

My story isn't that unusual. You can read it here in full. The brief story is that due to an awkward presentation my labour failed to progress and it was felt that a caesarean would be the safest way to deliver baby. 

However, when Hannah shared this story again what followed was a media storm. Some ladies read my post and took umbrage with it. It was a sob story, it was overly dramatised, it was unnecessary to share the details, it was all me me me and they didn't need that in their lives.