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I love to read. I have always loved to read, be read to or to explore bookshops. A long fostered and nurtured love of reading and books has been passed to me through the generations. I was taken to the library from a very young age, I was brought books and book tokens at every opportunity. Despite dyslexia I would always have a book on the go as a child and this has continued through to adulthood.

I was brought up on Roald Dahl and had a distinct dislike for Enid Blyton. I wanted fun and adventure. I read other classics recommended to me by my Mum and Nanny from their own childhoods. My strongest childhood memories centre around being read to and encouraged to read. My first, and only job outside teaching, has been in bookshops. Both second hand and high street. I have books on my shelves in London and books still on my shelves in my Suffolk family home.

I want badly for L to love books and reading. I think books opens up a whole other world of experience and imagination.  Nothing beats a child's imagination and nothing fosters this imagination better than books.

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