All my post about pregnancy with L and Peach, including links to Birth Stories and Birth Trauma recovery. 

Bumps and I
A post about positive body image during pregnancy. 

Debrief of Grief
Writing about my debrief with a midwife following L's delivery.

Preparing for Peach
How getting ready for Peach is different to getting ready for Baby No. 1

Baby No.2!
Pregnancy Announcement 

Labour, Love and Fear
How birth trauma is affecting my choices to expand my family.

Twelve Short Months: Admitted Over Easter
Suffering from D&V and being pregnant, including the worry of pre term labour.

Nine Months in and Nine Months Out
Reflecting on pregnancy with L, who we referred to as Pip.

Twleve Short Months: Slapped Cheek and Second Looks
Twelve week scans and being exposed to the potentially dangerous Slapped Cheek.

Twelve Short Months: First Look
Meeting our first baby for the first time at 8 weeks gestation. 

Twelve Short Months
A positive pregnancy test and the first trimester of Pip

Reflections on a Birth
L's birth story from PRM to ARM to EMCS.

From Bump to Baby: Photography Nine Merry Months
How I had multiple photoshoots during my pregnancy and with my newborn.

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