Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Farm Book Round Up

Books about farms are numerous for children, here are just a few we have enjoyed on our farm filled week. 

That's Not My Lamb
Little Mouse continues to be very good at finding things which are not his, or hers, only eventually finding his Lamb after exhausting all the different textured lambs in the field. Eternally popular, easy for baby to open hold and turn pages off. I bet it's hard to find a house without one if these titles in it.

What the Ladybird Heard
Julia Donaldson
A fabulous witty and funny adventure on a farm which is endangered by Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, who can dislike a book with alliterative villans?! I love this book, it's fantastic for all the animals sounds and the plan of the ladybirds is so cunning she should get many rewards, more than that prize winning cow.

Flip Flap Farm
Axel Schefflers
Probably better for children older than L this fun book with great flaps makes some crazy farm animals. Great for laughs and fun in a school setting for made up sounds and names. I will take this into school when teaching an appropriate topic. Also good to use to help children make their own mixed up animal book.

Animal Hide and Seek
L's all time favourite book. She mastered the flaps incredibly quickly when aged 8 months. She also quickly learnt to turn all the pages. Great for counting, naming animals, sounding animals and general reading. 

Oh Dear
Rod Campbell
Another firm favourite at bedtime. If anyone now says "No eggs here" L answers with "Oosh ear" poor Buster forgets where to find the eggs. Again all the popular farm animals feature and after you've decided on the noise of a rabbit, it's a munch here, you can sound them all to. 

Juliet Dallas-Conte
But just to prove animal sounds are hard to learn this poor cockerel has gotten a bit messed up. Lovely story. Great at bedtime and with a lovely moral about even if friends laugh at you you can be strong! 

A Squash and a Squeeze
Julia Donaldson
I mostly love this story for the frolics and fiddle de dees. A moaning old woman asks for some help and the wise old man teachers her a valuable lesson.

Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs
Paula Metcalf
Another story with a good moral, every animal has it's place, and that you can find it with a little help from your friends and one friend who will belive anything!! Rupert the rabbit is amazed at Dora's egg laying skill and when his efforts produce only a poo he quickly shows his friends that he to can do something they can't. 

Around the Farm
After you've grown used to the American accent this noisey book has every animal found on the farm, and a turtle. Lovely Eric Carle illustrations help the issue with the accent. 

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