Saturday, 3 September 2016

Birth Plan Using Hypnobirthing

I shared a post a few weeks ago about my experience on a hypnobirhting course in London. I met with a lovely midwife at the hospital and talked about my birth plan this week and so today is the day to write The Plan. 

Our first birth plan was based on a belief that childbirth had posed no issues to my mum and millions of other women and that was long as baby came out safely and I didn't have pethidine all would be fine. Turns out this plan wasn't great, didn't prepare us very well, and possibly was a contributing factor in the outcome. 

I am now in a position of feeling empowered by my choices, confident in my body and knowledgeable enough to say "stop" before any decisions are made and paths started on. 

I have read a few birth plans, hypnobirthing and non hypnobirthing, to find the balance which is right for me and our birth based on us and our experiences. Birth plans are so unique and personal but maybe by sharing mine it will help others write theirs.

The Birth Plan of Mummy Morkus