Saturday, 27 September 2014

Living for the Weekend

Living for the weekend, the two days after five of working, the time for rest and play. A largely credited to the Victorian invention and we have a lot to be thankful for for their introduction. The change of pace and the change of priority is vital for many of our mental healths and for our families. It is a time to reconnect and savour.

In the past, in the distant memory of life pre L, our weekends were spent lazying around in the mornings, lunches out, dinners out, dancing, visits to friends and some more lazying around. Visits to galleries, houses and gardens, weekends away to Paris or staycations. 

Life with L has slowly changed our weekend plans, and now that we have a fully fledged toddler, sob, our weekends now are much more jam packed. They need to be for L as she is a little whirl wind of energy who needs constant stimulation or she drives her parents potty! We now try to head out early for days out, swimming, visits or holidays to make the most of these precious days. With J working long hours during the week L doesn't much of her Daddy so the weekends are a time for filling with memories. 

After a week spent reading about and playing with farm animals I decided to research local farms and found one a 30ish minute drive which promised big things. Farm animals, playgrounds and soft play. Toddler paradise. 

L is, for better or worse, not at all afraid of animals, she walks straight up to them and is eager to chat to them, stroke them or hug them. She loved this chick and it looked pretty eager to play with her to. The rabbit had such long hair! Longer than Ls that is for sure. 

This shed of sheep, goats and pigs was undercover which would be great if the weather wasn't as glorious as we had it. L has been able to baa for sheep for a while and was very impressed when the sheep baad back at her! 

The farm had three large playgrounds for children from 6 months to teenage (or adult as J was up and down on the big slide and the toboggan run) There were swings, climbing equipment, slides, toboggan runs, zip wires and large sandpits. Needless to say our post picnic, on one of the many benches, play was long and L had a great time.

Leaving our confident walker free to roam in a safe place is great, I love walking L on her reins around where we live or in the park but her having such a large place to explore is great for her growing confidence. She can choose where she wants to go, how fast, change direction quickly, fall and pick herself up. 

I love this last image. Our daughter is growing in confidence every day. She is bold and funny and knows her own mind, and is certainly not afraid to show it. She is every day learning things which will help her in life beyond our family. Life beyond our shared experience. And while that is scary and sad it is also going to be our greatest achievement as parents. Raising our girl to be independent of us and walk through life without holding our hand. 

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  1. What a perfect place for little active toddler. It is great that she isn't afraid of the animals and I hope this continues for you. The play areas here look great for little ones too. Thank you for sharing your fun farm day with me on Country Kids

  2. Sounds like a great place to spend the day! It is fascinating watching them grow independent of us, even at such a tender young age. My youngest, O, sounds about the same age as L and he loves wandering around outside saying 'hiya' to everyone and everything he comes across, except the horse at the bottom of our street that is, he's really not fussy on him! #pocolo

  3. Weekends with toddlers are definitely a lot more active than before their arrival aren't they? Otherwise like you say, us parents would go mad! Sounds like a lovely place to visit though, glad she had such a nice time! # countrykids

  4. I believe weekends are one of two things - complete shutdown or time for adventure (more the latter when you have a youngling!). Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x