Saturday, 3 September 2016

Birth Plan Using Hypnobirthing

I shared a post a few weeks ago about my experience on a hypnobirhting course in London. I met with a lovely midwife at the hospital and talked about my birth plan this week and so today is the day to write The Plan. 

Our first birth plan was based on a belief that childbirth had posed no issues to my mum and millions of other women and that was long as baby came out safely and I didn't have pethidine all would be fine. Turns out this plan wasn't great, didn't prepare us very well, and possibly was a contributing factor in the outcome. 

I am now in a position of feeling empowered by my choices, confident in my body and knowledgeable enough to say "stop" before any decisions are made and paths started on. 

I have read a few birth plans, hypnobirthing and non hypnobirthing, to find the balance which is right for me and our birth based on us and our experiences. Birth plans are so unique and personal but maybe by sharing mine it will help others write theirs.

The Birth Plan of Mummy Morkus

Friday, 5 August 2016

Loose Parts and Sand

These last few weeks we've been playing with sea sides and pirates. L had a pirate party with her NCT besties and a very special visitor, check out my Instagram feed for pics. And we've continued this theme in our playtime and stories.

In the sensory tray I put some sand and in a basket I put a collection of lose parts.  Loose parts mean that play is really open ended, it is slow and can respond in many different ways to what and how the child wants to play. It is also really open for opportunities for talk. 

Mamas and Papas One Four Four

Image courtesy of Mamas and Papas
Last week I was lucky enough to win a spot at a yoga class run by Frame at the opening weekend of the new Mamas and Papas' store in the heart of 'nappy valley' on Northcote Road. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Maternity Leave for Beginners

A very popular thread on mums forums is what to do during maternity leave when you are waiting for your baby to arrive. I am starting maternity leave for the second time very early. Being a teacher has few perks in life, but having the six weeks holiday before my October due date does give me what feels like an extra long time off.  

So, second time round on the maternity leave wagon and here are my top tips for beginners to this crazy brilliant wonderful time when you're off and before baby arrives.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Hypnobirthing with London Hypnobirthing

In July I attended a one day ladies only Hypnobirthing essentials course with Hollie de Cruz at London Hypnobirthing in Dulwich SE London.

I had toyed with the idea of attending a course since finding out I was pregnant again. I knew I wanted a different perspective on birth after L's birth and the fall out. I had talked to a supervisor or midwives about a new approach and she had mentioned Hypnobirthing. A friend delivered her second daughter in May and found that Hypnobirthing had given her a good mind set for birth. This gave me the final push to book on the course. 

Friday, 1 July 2016

An Art Area in the Home

Inspired by The Imagination Tree, inspired by The Artful Parent and many Pinterest pages I started creating an art area for L about two years ago in our dining/office area just opposite the kitchen. It started with a chalk board table, then I added a set of draws and slowly it's grown and changed as L grew and changed. 

These draws are organised by content so that I can find resources easier. The top now has colouring pencils, felt tips, glue and some small books for note taking. All resources which I am happy now for L to have free access to. You can adjust what is freely accessible based on your childs' age and experience and home!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bumps and I

Your body changes in pregnancy. A given. Not a surprise. You're growing a new human and it's got to have an impact somewhere. Somewhere mostly means the tummy but also includes the boobs, hips, bum, face. 

Last time with L I embraced the bump. It popped early and I went quickly into a size up clothing. Work and work colleagues new early on due to the slapped cheek infection and so I never really had to hide it away. I grew a sizeable bump and shared regular bump pictures on my personal Facebook page. I only really noticed the other weight gain, mostly around my face, when I looked back at photos post delivery. So wrapped up in the excitement of impending motherhood and never really thinking about the impact of my unhealthy cravings, think maximum sugar minimum vitamins.