Monday, 29 September 2014

Discovery Basket: Colours

All primary teachers joke about how half their salaries go to Ikea because of their great range of stuff for the classroom. Be it creative storage solutions or role play Ikea covers it all. I think all teachers who are near a Tiger store will probably now joke about how the other half of their salary is spent in there!

Pocket change stuff covering everything Ikea also does well, storage, creative materials and those odd bits you can't seem to find anywhere else. Anyway, I was in my local store and found some lovely bits and bobs including this fab little basket.

It's the perfect size for a mini discovery basket and the lid adds some magic as we could hopefully surprise L with some of the contents. It also encourages looking, who can resist opening a box, we all know how Pandora felt! 

I decided to use some of the sponges I also found in Tiger as inspiration for a Red discovery basket. A quick run around the house and rummage in the toy boxes and we had a lovely red selection of various bits and pieces. 

A good discovery basket will have lots of good talking points and a mixture of familiar and new things, also find things of different sizes, textures, weights and materials as this will bring about comparison language. Discovery baskets for us prompt talk and investigation so think along these lines as you're searching to fill your own. 

I introduced this fresh after a nap. I had cleared an area and tidied away the general play mess which was there before. 

I allowed L some time to look at all the things alone before I joined her so we could chat about what she had found. Lots of connections were being made between the pastry brush and hair, pots and putting things in and noises the objects made. The glowstick bangles were very popular and the circles became glasses or bracelets. 

L loves discovery baskets of all descriptions and is becoming more familiar with the idea and with the various ways she can play with them and explore them.

L = 15 months

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