Saturday, 4 January 2014

Word of the Week: Organised

Over at The Reading Residence there is a feature called Word of the Week. For me it is helping to focus my energies in specific areas of my life and home that need attention and time. A way of hopefully helping me focus on the things which actually matter and help to get things done. I am a great one for putting stuff off until tomorrow.

What matters this week is my desk space. It is drowning under disorganised papers, it is unfit for purpose and I can't look at the chaos. It needs drastic action. So our decided action is shelving above the desk. New files to organise and tidy the papers. Taking time to properly find homes for all the paper and finally a trip to the shed with J's man pile! 

I am also going to see through some decorative plans for the space which the desk shares with our dining room. I am from the seaside and miss it terribly so want to bring an element of sea side to our dining room. 

Our wedding gift dinner service is a coastal set from John Lewis, the table cloth is costal stripes or blue spots. I have even started making some bunting using blue and white fabric. Lush. I have collected postcards, travel posters and art work to go up in the space. I also received a lovely red notice board hand made by my sister which will also be going up. 

It is a busy few days but hopefully the newly found order will help my brain. I am one of those people who can't sleep in a messy room and will stay up late into the night just to organise and tidy my space to help me sleep!

I will post photos of the space when it is all finished, hopefully in 10 days time! 
The Reading Residence


  1. That sounds like a gorgeous space that you're creating there - look forward to seeing it. I'm the same - clearing messs and clutter frees up my mind! Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

  2. Great word, I'm sure a lot of us will be feeling this word this week :)

  3. You sound very organised and creative too.
    I can imagine you missing the sea as I have a dream of living by the coast

  4. I definitely need to get organised too. Lots of piles seem to have popped up around the house! Your seaside room theme sounds lovely. Good luck.