Friday, 3 January 2014

Family Photo Friday: January

There are some days when I could just burst with happiness. When the joy and love are just overwhelming. I find myself just watching, desperate to take in every tiny detail and remember it for evermore. 

This holiday has been full of these moments. L sitting in front of the Christmas tree and ripping paper. The poem J wrote me from L, the best present in the world, made me cry. 

L with our families, even when she wasn't feeling well she smiled and had cuddles with everyone. She showed me that even tho I don't always feel it she does know me as her mum. She now crawls over to me in a crowded room, wanting to be by her mum.

These last few days with J and L, us three. Even walking the aisles of Ikea I welled up, wanting to remember the cheeky grin L was giving everyone as she thoroughly enjoyed being in the trolley seat. She has been an absolute joy. 

Today we took our first family photo of the year. This is something I want to do once a month as a minimum. There are hardly any decent photos of the three of us as everyone is desperate to get snaps of L being her marvellous self. 
This evening we had our first proper dinner as a family. L was stripped down to her nappy as we anticipated mess. Ever thoughtful and attentive dad ties a muslin around her shoulders to stop her getting cold. She chose handfuls of pasta, cheese, sweet corn and bolognaise sauce. She loved it. Hands hitting the table and mmmmmms of delight at the new flavours. 

For all my joy it is tinged with sadness. I am so incredibly blessed, every day with L is a gift. Yes I get tired and frustrated by her winging or fussy ways sometimes. But really, truely, I couldn't be happier or more in love. I need to focus on the positive and happy aspects of parenting, try and have a little more patience with L when she is clingy and cherish every moment as we are reminded in these coming months just how quickly things can change and be shattered. 

I am hoping that my Family Photo Friday will help me record our year as we reach milestones as well as celebrate, and that it will help me focus on the joy of family life as a three. 
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  1. Very cute, would have made a great family Christmas card

    Thank you so much for linking up for the very first #familyphotofriday - hope to see you next month if not next week!

  2. Love the last photo of the mess! x

  3. Such a lovely post, and great photos. Having children definitely made me see Christmas in a whole new light. They make it so magical. Happy New Year!

  4. What a beautiful load of memories, Christmas time has become amazing since having my girls- it is wonderful seeing the wonder in their eyes over even the most simple moments. Thanks so much for joining in with the ordinary moments, hope to see you next week. xx