Friday, 3 January 2014

Picture Book Reading Challenge

I think this might count as a resolution but I want to read more. More for myself as I miss reading and also to L as I am a firm believer in the power, magic and majesty of reading. You would have seen my other posts about books, autumn books, Christmas books, free books and library books

I saw this idea over on Pinterest, the home of good ideas, and decided that L and I were up for the challenge. Anne-Marie over at Child-Led Chaos has set herself the challenge to read 300 different picture books with her children this year. You can read about her reasons here.  

We aim in Family Morkus to this year read 300 different story books. Be it textured board books, paper picture books or alternative cloth or bath books. L can't be trusted much with paper much ATM so I have slightly broadened the remit of the original idea. (We do read paper books with her!)

We can get off to a flying start using the books from our shelves and it will also push me to return the books L has had from the library for over a month!  

Do you want to join in? I will do round ups of the books we have been enjoying fortnightly with reviews of our favourite ones. 

For me I have set myself the challenge to read all the books I own and not buy any new ones for at least six months. I can download samples of new books to read later but I can't buy any new books, paper or ebook. My shelves are groaning under the weight of books I own and shamefully half haven't been read. 

To make it easier, possibly, I have written down the titles of the books I own but haven't read and put them in a jar. When I need a new book I will choose a book from my jar and read it. 

Again I will do reviews of books I have read and enjoyed. 

So there are the reading challenges for the new year. Introduce L to 300 new stories and myself to read the books I own. 

Watch this space. 


  1. We're doing the 300 picture books challenge, too - lots of fun and a great idea. We're pinning it all, and the 4 yo already knows to remind me to pin each book! I've not set myself a challenge, as I do read quite a bit, but I like your idea of reading everything in the house before buying more (especially as I've just bought 3 new books this week, despite having several I've not read in the house...!). Good luck with both challenges.

  2. What a great idea. I set myself the challenge to read 6 books (I love & miss reading too) but I'd not thought of a challenge of reading more picture books. I plan to keep joining in with 'what we're reading' on space for the butterflies and I think we will join in the 300 picture book challenge too. I've just counted up and my 8 month old has over 50 books plus a library card, so we have no excuss! Like L my little one trys to grab picture books but we still manage to read them and thanks to father Christmas she has a reasonable selection of fabric, board and plastic books she can 'read'. I look forward to seeing what you read together.

  3. I miss reading lots, I managed just over 30 books last year which is shameful by my normal standards! I'm introducing Athena to story time at bedtime but she too is more interested on eating them at the moment! We were given some lovely books at Christmas too but I don't want them to get ruined!