Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Wardrobe 0-6 Months Christmas 2013

Last week I won a ticket to the opening of the newly refurbished Mothercare store on Oxford St. I met some lovely fellow bloggers, spotted a fair few celebs and sipped champagne with my mum while shopping. We had a great night.

(image courtesy of Mothercare UK)
I used this opportunity to compile a festive wardrobe for L from the selection on offer. Mothercare have a great Christmas clothes selection and these are my top picks.
Christmas Jumper
A much needed essential for the festive period. This one is in a set with matching knitted trousers. It is super cute without being too OTT. I have no worries about L wearing this all festive season and not just on Christmas Day. This set was £16 and seems to have sold out online as it is no longer on the Mothercare website.

Other items I liked but didn't get include this knitted all in one. It is like an extreme Christmas jumper! I love L in all in ones and this might be the only year I can dress her in one.

Christmas Top
Penguins! Super cute and festive with out being too specific, this top should see us through to the otherside of Christmas also. I will team this top with red leggings and a red cardigan. The top is £2.50 and the leggings were £3.

Christmas Bibs
L continues to dribble for Britain so a few festive bibs were needed to sop it all up and show a bit of festive cheer. These are cheap and cheerful and again festive without being too cheesy. They are £5.99.

I also picked up a pack of vests which not specifically festive are bright colours, I also got a new pair of jeans for L to go with these and the penguin top. They retail from £13-£14 depending on size and you get five in a pack.
And what mum can resist frilly bottom tights! These will be teamed with the vests and a denim dress which is one of my all time favourite items in L's wardrobe. So much so I will probably be ordering the size up! These tights come in from £4-£5 depending on size.

I had spotted these Christmas all in ones on the Mothercare website but they weren't in stock on the evening in the size I needed when I was visiting but I think some festive PJ's are essential for Christmas Eve. They retail from £15-16 depending on size. I have always found the Mothercare sizing to be generous, especially I the feet which is perfect for L who seems to have long feet for her age.

Image from Mothercare website

I have picked up a few non Mothercare Christmas outfit items. Including this top from Next with matching hat, and more penguins from Kyna boutique. 

We will be joining in on the 13th of December with Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children UK. So watch out on the day for a super cheesy Christmas photo. 

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