Thursday, 5 December 2013

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Today I am featured over on Baba+Boo's blog talking about weaning L. We are turning six months next week and ready to hit this milestone with food of all sorts. I have done lots of reading and am going for a mix of BLW and puree/spoon feeding. You can read my post here.
I also used this guest post to introduce and do a shout out for a new feature, Weaning Wednesday!
If you would like to share top tips, your experiences of weaning or a favourite recipe which your little one enjoyed please get in touch with me as I would love to share a range of stories and experiences for my own benefit and for my readers.
Previous features ... 

I talked on Toto Kidogo about home made and home sourced toys. If you are a regular reader you would have read about my playtimes with L and I wrote about making your own toys very simply but also about using everyday ordinary objects as toys.
I was part of Little Button Diaries Ultimate Children's Book Guide. There are 10 top books for children of all ages this Christmas. I picked my favourite Charlotte Rayner picture book. Iris and Isaac. A beautiful story of two bickering friends.
I am featured over at Mum's Days with my birth story. You can read it here and see links to many other birth stories which have featured over the last few months.
A birth story is such a personal thing, it is also sometimes incredibly therapeutic to share. I am still coming to terms and making sense of my birth story, mostly the big memory losses and the fact it still doesn't seem to have really happened to us. My scar is healing but still occasionally painful, and my baby is still growing as healthy as can be.
You can read Hannah's birth story here. She had a similarly slow progress start as me with a back to back baby and very painful contractions very early on in labour. Luckily her little boy turned around and she was able to deliver him naturally. I admire her getting through without that epidural though, I certainly could not have coped without it.
R and J's Wedding Story on Modern Mummy.
This week Mummy Morkus's wedding story is featured on the wonderful Modern Mummy's blog while she is on her familymoon following her recent wedding. Flicking through twitterpics it seems she had a wonderful vintage family knees up of a day. I have really loved reading the wedding stories of a whole range of bloggers and non bloggers over the last few weeks and I can not wait to hear Modern Mummy's wedding story! Read through and catch up with not only Mummy Morkus's wedding story but all the other featured stories.


What's in Your Changing Bag over on Make Do and Push! 

I am very excited to be featured on one of my favourite mummy blogs. You can nosey round in my changing bag and see what I consider to be our five essentials as well as my little piece of advice for new mums and babies.

You should certainly read Hannah's wonderful blog about her adventures with B and her very exciting wedding planning.

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