Thursday, 5 December 2013

Baby Craft at Christmas: Christmas Cards

We have well and truly gotten our festivities under way in the Morkus home. We have chosen outfits. We have made a bucket list. We have lit the advent candle.

And last weekend we also started making Christmas cards. It is not an original idea, I saw this on Pinterest and after having some success making L's ghost prints at Halloween I decided to give it a go. 

We had everything ready before we began. An essential step when children and paint are involved as I have learnt the hard way in the classroom! 

The essentials today include;

Paint in chosen colour
Paper plate
Paint brush
Paper towels
Baby wipes
Baby snug or other seat

Step one
Put baby on a table in their seat (you are not meant to use these on elevated services but L was never left unattended. If you wanted to you could use the seat on the floor.) 

Step two
Squirt paint on paper plate and spread paint out to a thin layer. Use less paint and repeat this step as many times as you need. You get a better result and don't over load the foot by using less paint.

Step three
Gently press babies foot in the paint. If babies toes curl up stroke the outside edge of the foot from little toe to heal and they magically open. Not sure when this reflex stops but worth a try. 

Step four
Gently press babies foot onto a postcard. 

Step five
Admire babies tiny foot!

And then use baby wipe to clean foot.

Step six (the Mummy Morkus bit currently)
I added yellow stars, red baubles and silver glitter to the Christmas trees to complete the card. If you have older children their job could be to decorate the tree, if they want to get messy too they could do finger paints or as I did and use cotton buds and a thin paint brush to add the PVA. 

I don't want to spoil the surprise of the finished article now but I am chuffed with the result. 
Happy festive crafting!

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