Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blogging Break

The car is packed. 
The cats shipped off to the cattery.
The suitcases are bulging.

Mummy Morkus is desperately in need of the holiday surrounded by her nearest and dearest. 
A spa day is planned.
Lots of swimming with L is planned.
A morning alone with my husband is planned.
Plenty of eager grandparents who want to do night duty. (I am not arguing obviously the rose tinted glasses are on but if they are offering!) 
I am going to take a blogging break and return next weekend refreshed.
I have been touched by friends in both my real and virtual worlds who have come forward with support after my post on Friday. Thank you. 
I am feeling more positive and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
See you soon! 
P.S you can follow me on twitter @mummymorkus and on Instagram as MummyMorkus both of which I will be using while on my blogging break.


  1. enjoy yourselves, you definitely deserve it!

  2. We most certainly enjoyed our selves. I really recommend our holiday village. But best to go with people who can look after little one or it is hard to get a break.