Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Week That Was Instagrammed: Week 3

Another busy week for family Morkus.

We had such a busy I forgot to photograph lots of it so here is a brief week and a mini photo dump.

We started baby massage (Monday) and a buggy fitness class (Tuesday). 

Lyra turned two months (Tuesday).

We had our first jabs which made for a very cross then sleepy baby (Wednesday). 

We travelled into central London on the train all by ourselves to visit Daddy Morkus in the office.We learnt to grab and shake our toys and a whole host of new sounds (Friday).

We went shopping and then went to bed at 3.30pm!!! (Saturday) 

We have had such a busy week I am exhausted. I will take more photos next week to share but it is looking like another jam packed week.

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  1. Happy Two Months Lyra! You're very brave heading into London with a baby - I still haven't done this with Busby ;)

    Thanks for linking up again xx