Monday, 19 August 2013

Made by Minelli Burp Cloth

Sharing some lovely handmade treats from a talented crafter.

I joined a birth board when I got my BFP with L and quickly we moved over to Facebook to share our worries and excitements. This group has been a really supportive and fun thing to be part of, I always know that even when posting during the 3am feeds that some one else will be online to respond. 

In this group we set up a secret stork, a bit like secret Santa but with yellow, blue or pink bumps to buy for. I was tasked with a yellow bump that very quickly turned pink! And I received a parcel for our yellow bump. 

This parcel contained a personalised burp cloth lovingly made by a member of our group. She has since put this talent to brilliant mumpremurial skills and set up her own business Made By Minelli

Kelly comes from a long line of crafty sewers and was prompted by friends and family into starting this business and sharing her talents. She makes a range of mums essentials for the changing bag as well as cute items for baby such as rattles and bibs. 

The burp cloth I received had an elephant beautifully appliquéd onto it, elephants were a long running theme for my pregnancy and continue now L is here. It is backed with muslin with a fab spotty top. It is just the right width to pop over my shoulder while L is being burped and the fact the fabric is lined means that only the biggest burp follow throughs reach the clothes underneath. 

I think supporting new talents and the home made is really important. I love to craft but my skills are basic so I feel no guilt in purchasing from Made By Minelli

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