Thursday, 15 August 2013

Loveyush Nursing Scarf Review

A little bit of my breast feeding story and a review of a really useful breast feeding scarf.

I have been lucky enough to be able to breast feed L with few issues so far. After our C-section the midwife helped L to latch on once my blood pressure had recovered. This was within the hour that she was born. Since then we have had worked together to make it work. L has been exclusively breast fed since.

I looked around before L arrived for something which would help me feel confident about breast feeding in public and found through a blog post a review of a scarf that promised to be not only a useful addition to the changing bag but also stylish. I love a scarf and the patterns I saw on the Etsy page were lovely and right up my street.

Loveyush are a small company promising stylish solutions to the problems us mums and babies face. And their scarfs are a stylish and discreet solution to my problem of getting my boobs out to feed my daughter!

They are incredibly simple to use. Just pop it over your head! And then smuggle baby underneath. Easy.

I have been using my two (a second had to be ordered when my first mysteriously disappeared!) since L was 3 weeks and we have been feeding in public. The large opening means I can peak inside and check on L, and reposition her when she wiggles off! I am not having to hold a muslin with my teeth while I get L latched on (something I actually did while I was scarf less). The opening is large and needs to be pulled down on the non feeding side if, like me, you have narrow shoulders. 

This is me on a recent picnic with the in laws. 

I think this scarf makes a lovely gift to yourself or a friend. Mine arrived in a lovely gift box. 

The prints are lovely. My most recent purchase is in a silkier fabric which is very light and airy. 

This scarf has really become an essential item in my changing bag. I am more comfortable feeding now sometimes without the scarf but I always pack this in my bag just in case, or if I am with male relatives when it is still uncomfortable for both of us. 

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  1. Thanks Rhianoon for a lovely notes and pictures. Glade to know you like your purchase.