Sunday, 14 September 2014

Three Months On

Really this blog post should be three months off as that is how long it's been since my last blog post.

Nothing really prompted my break with blogging apart from a sudden lack of time that my return to work prompted. My return to work has not been entirely smooth, I've returned to a role very different to the one I left and this has left me feeling insecure, upset and frankly depressed. This hasn't felt like the time to blog. I lost my footing.

But I feel that maybe I need to blog now to get my feet back on the ground and life ticking over as it should again. I started this as a record of life with L, what we did, how we did it and what we loved doing. Focus on the positive Mummy Morkus!

So three months on here ate 20 things about her and how she has changed in that time.

*L is now 15 months old. 

*She never stops moving, ever, not even when asleep.

*She loves the park especially the round a bout or watching big kids

*She loves to walk everywhere and has walked properly undaided since 13 months, after six months of crusing and one month after her first steps between mummy and daddy

*She is chatting non stop but doesn't have many real words. 

*Words she has include, Da, Mum, yes, please, this, baby.

*She doesn't really have a favourite toy but always returns to books

*She likes to sing, especially Frozens Let if Go!

*She loves to dance by bouncing up and down

*She is in between routines and currently undecided on whether she needs two or just one nap a day

*She loves the cats still but they don't love her

*Her feet are stubbornly a size 4f and haven't grown in two months even though she has grown upwards and outwards and everywhere else

*She only went into 12-18 month clothes at 15 months yet everyone says she is a big girl

*She has recently been to a festival, a farm and the zoo

*She is beginning to explore creativity but seems concerned when she gets paint on her hands

*She also gets concerned about stuff on her feet if she is walking bare foot outside and carefully brushes stuff off

*She constantly says "yes please" to things she wants but doesn't tell us what it is she wants

*If you tell her off or say no she has a massive melt down which is hard for her parents not to laugh at

*Her favourite food is still yoghurt 

*She is only happy to feed herself and will only let you feed her if you aeroplane it to her! 

So there we go. Back in the blogging game I think. 


  1. Good to see you back! :) Hope the new term back at work is going better x

    1. Thanks lovely, the new term was going well and then we had Ofsted! Now in a very different type of two week wait. X