Tuesday, 12 August 2014

All Change for Bambino Mio

We love our cloth nappies. We have used cloth more all less full time since L was about 2 months old.

It's saved us a lot of money. We've hardly noticed a change in our weekly shop since welcoming L, in fact it's a bit cheaper feeding three mouths! We wash nappies 3 times a week and now own about 30 nappies along with reusable wipes.

These nappies vary but are all, bar four bamboo sized nappies, OSFA (One Size Fits All). This adds to the money saving element as they should last from birth to potty training, sometimes OSFA are called BTP. OSFA usually work by using poppers and booster inserts either in one foldable size or with sized boosters.

When I was sent the new two part system from Bambino Mio to review I was excited to see such a great value product. The two part nappy system consistents of a one sized nappy pad made of cotton and two different sized wraps in a variety of prints. With BTP packs avaliable from as little as £119.99 this system could save you even more than my previous estimates. 

I had originally rejected two part systems because they appeared bulkier and harder to dry than other nappies on the market. And folding a booster to fit inside a wrap seemed harder to convince hubby of. With this nappy however I need not have worried.

It is slightly tricker to get on because the booster isn't fixed into the wrap, unlike the Grovia system. But once on it is has a slim profile, like my other nappies. The booster is soft and pliable and doesn't feel rough against babies bottom. I used the bambino mio disposable nappy liners to add a layer of protection, I always use disposable nappy liners because L has very sticky poos! 

The wrap fits very well over the booster, it's cuffed legs give plenty of movement in the nappy. It's cuff is shallower than that found not the little lamb nappy covers which means L doesn't get any rub marks on her legs, a plus in my opinion. 

I have used the All in One (AIO) from Bambino Mio and been impressed with it's absorbency and this is also the case in this two part system. It lasted us a good two and a half hours which is about average for my nappies, I have a few extra absorbent, such as my v4 Totsbots or little lamb pockets which may last longer. 

While a two part system might not be for me now, having already built a nappy stash around pockets or AIO, I would consider this system in the future as well as reccomend them to friends about to start their own adventure in cloth. 

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