Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day 2014

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I am a big book fan. We are loving our romp through 300 picture books this year and I am on my third book of the year! Big achievement considering I fall asleep within one page of reading most nights and my long used kindle is now busted. 

World Book Day is a day on which school aged children up and down the country get a £1 book token.

We are off on a bloggers meeting to begin organising the London Bloggers Meet today but L is dressing up! We are also going to be singing lots of nursery rhymes.

L's current favourite is Five in the Bed and you can find a great video of this rhyme here. It's great to watch together as you learn the rhyme and sing along. The Big Little Book Corner with Ladybird books is a great source of information, resources for home and school as well as lovely videos of both nursery rhymes and fairy stories.

You can find a link to all our book posts on the page Literary Morkus

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