Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weaning Wednesday: Guest Post: Belle du Brighton

Lauren blogs over at Belle du Brighton about everything from love, life, beauty and her gorgeous 8 month old daughter A. It is lovely that through blogging and twitter I have met other mums whos babies are the same age as L. It means there is always some one to ask about weaning, growth spurts or teething.
When I heard that Mummy Morkus was after people to talk about feeding their babies as part of her Weaning Wednesdays series I was happy to oblige. With daughters that are really close in age we started the journey around the same time, and via instagram I’ve loved watching L have her first tastes ad we’ve shared our experience there too, so I thought I'd keep a food diary for a week to share with you. There are a few tips at the end too, that I've learnt from our experience. We are more or less following a baby led weaning route, however when we are out or staying away it is often easier to use Jars, although it is harder to feed her with a spoon these days as she’s adamant she can do it herself (which she more or less can now!)
Breakfast - toast fingers with peanut butter.
Lunch: Fromage frais (spoon) half a peach (self feeding slices).
Dinner: Mini alphabet pasta with Philadelphia cream cheese as a sauce, half self fed/flung about on spoon half spoon fed by me, with toast and half a banana.
Breakfast: Porridge with slices of strawberry.
Lunch: Humus on toast with half a Satsuma (no pips!) all self fed.
Dinner: carrot, broccoli and cauliflower & Ham, all self fed, and a fruit pot (spoon fed)
Breakfast: Porridge and a fromage frais.
Lunch: Three of my chips self fed and a few spoons of baked beans.
Dinner: a jar of shop bought Bolognese (Spoon fed) and three strawberries (Self fed)
Breakfast: toast & butter and half a Satsuma.
Lunch: a shop bought fruit pot and half a banana.
Dinner: a small bowl of my pasta (which was penne with olive and tomato sauce, home made) with a few chunks of cheese self fed.
Breakfast: Porridge & a rusk.
Lunch: sliced chicken, half a Satsuma and some mango (Self fed).
Dinner: home made cauliflower cheese, the other half of the Satsuma and a fromage frais.
Breakfast: Porridge & a fromage frais.
Lunch: chopped sausage and mash, half self fed half spoon fed.
Dinner: lentils and Philadelphia, broccoli and a fruit pot.
Breakfast: Porridge & a whole banana.
Lunch: beans on toast (Self fed, mostly to the floor) & a fromage frais.
Dinner: a shop bought jar of ‘Sunday roast’, plain yoghurt with kiwi pieces in it.
  • Embrace the mess. Put your highchair on a non-carpetted floor if you can, or put down a large mat to catch the bits that will get flung about.
  • Don’t get frustrated when things don’t get eaten, there will be a fair bit of waste at first, but now at almost 8 months it is less and less.
  • You can use whole cows milk in cooking (porridge etc) just not as a drink until 12 months. I was killing myself trying to express milk to make porridge up with at first!
  • Don’t put everything in front of your baby at once, she will get excited, pick it all up and throw it all on the floor, give it to her little by little until the idea of food to throw becomes less thrilling!
  • Always offer water with a meal, ideally from a ‘spill’ cup, not a non spill one as the sucking can be too tricky and your baby may not bother and therefore not actually drink anything
  • if your baby looks like they are choking, the advice is to count to 7 before intervening. I’ve never got past 4 before whatever it was got swallowed or spat out.
  • Let your baby watch you eat, after all how are they meant to learn! Eating with them is a good idea when you can, as I've found if I’m sat at the table watching A eat she gets annoyed if that is all I am doing, so I often clean the kitchen whilst she’s working her way through lunch!
  • Let them try anything, the only thing A didn’t like was a bit of boiled egg, however she will devour gherkins, olives and lemon slices quite happily! (do view the NHS guidelines though)

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