Thursday, 13 February 2014

Photography Frustrations

I have a Nikon J1 I received in November. 2012 with 10-30mm and 30-110mm lenses. I had tried it out and loved the size and ability to properly start exploring settings to go manual.

I have always loved photography, loved taking photographs of family and friends. I have always previously had a point and shoot, various Sony's and a Lumix. I had gotten on well with them in auto mode and can compose a decent photograph. I was ready for a next step. 

I thought about going the whole hog and getting a proper DSLR but thought I did not have the time to dedicate to learning how to use it properly. So I thought a bridge camera was a good compromise. 

When I first got it I was really happy, I was pregnant and excited to get to know the camera before Pip arrived. J thought it the perfect gift just before our family extended. I was enjoying the camera and used it in various modes and began to explore the settings and how I could manipulate the camera to get the shots I wanted. 

All was going well until L started moving. Now I can't seem to get a shutter sped fast enough to capture my baby. I have taken countless beautifully composed blurry photographs of my baby. And some days when I have had no success I feel like flinging the camera across the room and tearing my hair out. 
We moved house as well as the light in our new home is not as good as the light in my old flat. But I have found a nice spot by a full length window which in the afternoon is lovely light. 
Light sweet spot with blur and without.
I followed some advice and took my ISO down. I am trying to use the Aperture-priority mode and change this setting. Yet still my baby is blurry. 
 A 'noisy' photo.

I am near the point of giving up with my camera. I already mostly use my iPhone as, especially in good light, the camera is really sharp. I am really disappointed in myself for not being able to figure out how to use my camera. Even in a fully auto mode lots of the pictures are blurry. 
Same settings seconds apart. L obviously moved in the first photo and is still moving in the second but just her hands.
And don't get me wrong I get blurry iPhone photos, especially now they have changed the shutter release where by continual holding of the shutter button just takes lots of photos rather than it being the release of the shutter button which takes the image, grrrrr iPhone updates. But I am really disappointed in the blur.

When L is still the portraits can be lovely, her skin tone is clear and natural, and her eyes shine. But getting my baby to sit still is nearly impossible.

This is a lovely portrait. The skin tone is fab, something Nikons are known for. The background blur adds to the photo in this instance, the bell action contrasting to L's stillish features. But I cant capture her laughing or smiling as in these instances she is moving.

A rare smile captured on camera.
Any more tips? 

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  1. You've some beautiful still shots here, though. I do feel your frustration - if you look at my photos from last week's link up, Little Man is blurry on pretty much all of them! Hoping we find an answer... Thanks for sharing with #LearnWithMe