Friday, 7 February 2014

ELC Valentines Day Art Challenge

I love being crafty and creating, this is certainly something I can't wait to share with L as she grows up. So when I received an email asking me if I wanted to take part in the ELC Valetines Day Art Challenge I jumped at the chance. We crafted our own Christmas cards and decorations in December so we have had a bit of crafty practice but haven't done anything recently. 

I was very excited when a box arrived for us, a very big box! It was full of lovely crafting materials and a clever Collage Toolbox storage box which shall come in handy in the coming years. 

I had a look over on Pinterest, of course, for some inspiration for Valentines cards and baby craft. I dedided to make some edible paint and use the crafting bits from the ELC to embellish L's handiwork. 

Of course we were going to get messy! So messy we decided that naked crafting was the way to go. 

I put lots of the Bits and Basics A4 multi coloured card down on the table with the paints ready for smearing. Using masking tape is a good teacher tip for helping the paper stay still! 

For this first introduction to painting I put a splodge of paint the card ready for L to do her artistic best with.

So far so crafty ... 

And then craftastrophy. 

My edible paints went very stiff and not at all malleable. Disaster. 

It ended up looking like this ...

L did get her hands in. And ate some. And spent the best part of the afternoon blue. Messy play at its best. But. Not a successful craft session. I had to do most of the smearing.

So we fell back on the old faithful. Footprinting!! L has the most crafted feet of all babies I think. 

I did exactly the same steps as I did in my Christmas cards which you can read here. I tried to make a slight heart shape, and then after doing it realised the way I should have done it! 

The craft box came with foam letters, shapes, pom poms and gems all of which I used below. There was also glue and some lovely glitter glue which we used a lot of to add details on the feet and in the centre of a foam heart. 

I added the paint to our craft selection, we used the same type of paint we brought for the Christmas cards, from ELC Ready Mix Paint which is now only 80p!

We had a great, if slightly off plan, afternoon. L has had the foot printing experience lots now and she is starting to be much more interested and today starting to squish her toes in the paint. I can't wait till the sun is shining and we can take painting outside on a large scale. 

There is currently 20% off all art and creative toys at the Early Learning Centre so it is a great time to stock up your supplies and craft something for some one you love.

*We were sent the craft materials in return for this blog post, all opinions are my own.*


  1. This looks so messy but fun.

  2. Oh it was, and it would have been messier if the paint had worked properly. Next time I am anticipating much more mess!