Wednesday, 1 January 2014

With the Best of Intentions

Intentions rather than resolutions. I tend to be able to only half heartedly achieve resolutions so this year I am having good intentions. It's not about resolving ro change my life, it's changed plenty over the last 18 months. It's about living with good intentions for myself and my family. 

I intend to surround myself with those who fill our lives with positivity and happiness. I intened to love.

I intend to not sweat the small stuff. My big stuff is so much more important and deserves my full attention. I intend to relax.

I intend to enjoy special times, to record these events for L and our family. I intend to celebrate. 

These are my intentions for 2014. Inspired by my sister I am also going to start a memory jar of happy events or achivements so that this time next year, especially if the day is as dreary as today, we can relive and remember these times. 

As a year 2014 promises much. Maybe more than years which contained weddings and births. This is L's year, a year in which our little girl will, god willing, grow and change and learn. 

Bring it on 2014, we are ready. 

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  1. Intentions do sound nicer than resolutions, and yours are fabulous. Happy 2014 to you x