Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Full of Festive Cheer

This was L's first Christmas. I cried a lot at the sheer joy of sharing this special time of year with her. The magic of Christmas Eve, the music and services, family and friends, feasts and joy.

We had a Christmas Bucket List and in four short weeks we had achieved nearly all. 

We brought and decorated a tree. You can see our photo story here.

We read lots of Christmas stories and you can read my Christmas Book Round Up here. 

Presents for a child were purchased and donated to our local church, they found their way to child living in hostels this Christmas.

We didn't make it to the Christingle service but did make it to the Lighting of the Lamps for carols and readings by candle light, magical. 

We brought a fun family nativity scene and were gifted a more traditional one. Neither so far captures the joy and meaning of Christmas quite like my mums very traditional nativity so I will continue our search next year.

I recorded L's first Christmas in endless photographs. Photographs which shall be printed and cherished. 

We went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We missed bits but enjoyed the festive feel. 

We saw Christmas lights on many occasions. Walking up and down Regent and Oxford Streets while visiting Mothercare. We also played with lights!

We surrounded L with her family on both sides for many many days. She loved it!

Some things did not go to plan, L caught a chest infection and slept lots for three days. I had a rotten cold which also sapped energy and vigour. My granddad slipped on the stairs and shattered his shoulder joint, we are awaiting news of follow up x-rays, so we did not see much of him apart from the ambulance crew administering Gas and Air. 

But nothing could dampen our festive cheer, how could it when it looked like this?

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