Friday, 20 December 2013

Baby Present Ideas Christmas 2013

Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the busiest days on the high street before Christmas. Having worked in retail I can attest to the craziness which is the last shopping Saturday before Christmas as well as the strange calm which is Christmas Eve with only men shopping. (This isn't prejudice just my own personal experience from years working in retail, I don't know what the ladies are doing but very few are Christmas shopping and the shops are actually not that full (this is not the same for food shops which are horrid elbow jabbing areas!))

I have obviously been pinning like a mad woman. You can read L's First Christmas List (which will also become her birthday list) and if you're anything like me you will get lost in the pinning madness also!

In the spirit of one thing you want, one thing you read, one thing you need, and one thing to wear my baby present categories are as follows.

Want (obviously L doesn't verbalise much of this so this year it is the thing mum wants!)

Musical toys. These from Butterflies and Dragons are fabulous. They are bright and inviting while also looking robust, I love the Xylophone and the drum. L loves to be noisy and music fosters creativity.
Any slow toys. Toys without batteries which challenge and inspire babies and children. If you have read any of my posts about playtime you would have seen that I often use everyday objects for play, and slow toys are in this same spirit. You can see the 2013 Sloe Toy winners here. Most of these items have made it onto the list and I would love any of them for L either for now or as she grows.


I have included key books from big authors on my Pinterest board but really any books from these authors would be great. I think board books are brilliant for this age, they survive a chew and a chuck as well as a little scratchy grabby hand eager to join in. Some of the many listed books include ...
Judith Kerr is another favourite from my own childhood and considering L's love of our two cats I think that any book about Mog would be popular.
Julia Donaldson is the power house of contemporary children's fiction. A new book from her is published nearly every six months. We have some already, like our signed Gruffalo, but we would love some of these in board book form.
Touchy Feely Books
L loves to touch and get involved with stories so any robust textured books will be fab to encourage L at story time. Thats's Not My series is good but there are lots more found in the bookshops. 


Babies need love and cuddles and kisses and songs. They need no presents under a tree. Luckily L has a big family ready to meet her needs this year, both emotionally and economically. But because Christmas is also about thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves we have donaited toys to a local charity through our local church as on our Christmas bucket list. There are some children who just need to know others are thinking of them this year.


Her whole 6-9 month wardrobe is needed. I am a lover of easy baby clothes, leggings and vests, sleep suits and snuggly knits for mum and dad cuddles. I also think L looks best in reds and blues. She doesn't suit girly twee clothes in my opinion. Bright and funky are the order of the day for Mini Morkus. I love a baby in a sleep suit but am not sure when you have to stop dressing them in them in the day time. Also in the coming months L should be on the move so we need ultra practical and crawl proof clothes.
There are lots of ideas on the Pinterest page, the clothes range from the very reasonably priced Next to the slightly pricey but oh so gorgeous Boden.
So there is L's list. What did you buy your baby for their first Christmas? What is on your little ones list this year?  

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