Thursday, 7 November 2013

What's In My Changing Bag Now?

Two months ago I took part in Make Do and Push's weekly What's in Your Changing Bag feature

I thought a lot about this when this happened to my bag ... 

Needless to say my essentials are hidden and hard to find, but some have also changed as I have moved from complete newbie mum to slightly less newbie mum, and as L has grown.

So how has the contents of my bag changed? 

I still carry the toy, muslin and body spray. 

But ...

It has changed appearance. I found this Pink Lining Bramley Tote in TKMax for a bargain price and snapped it up! It is wipe clean and cavernous! It is so massive. I use the pockets around the edges of the bag but because the main body of the bag is so big I do find it hard to find what I need. It is gender neutral which appealed to Daddy Morkus. It hangs pretty low on my pram which can be an issue, I could do with some smaller buggy clips maybe? I am not in love with this bag as much as I wanted to be.

I now also carry a wet bag and cloth nappy as we are in cloth 90% of the time. I have a few days off occasionally when the washing just won't dry. (Blog post on this to come)

I really like my Charlie Banana nappy with disposable inserts for when we are out. I make sure L is in one before we leave. At some nappy changes I can just change the insert and not the complete nappy. Otherwise we get into the spare. Brilliant. I am using the small zip up pouch that came with my bag. It isn't really designed for this purpose and I could do with a bigger washable zip up wet bag to carry with me.

I carry a change of clothes. I did before but now need them more often as L is a dribble guts and when teething very sickie. I keep two outfits complete with vest tucked into baby grow so if I need to grab it out of the bag with one hand keeping L in place on the changing station I can. The perils of a rolling baby!

Freddie has been replaced by Kerry who is the firm travelling favourite of L. Kerry spends her life on the pram or car seat with L when we are out and about. L loves to chew the shoes and shake the rattle pink purse. I have written about L's love of our Lamaze family here.

So there we have it, my changing bag. I love being nosey in other peoples changing bags and read Hannah's feature every week. It is a great way of picking up new tips and recommended products. What are your essentials? How did it change as your baby grew?

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  1. Mine has changed a bit too, plus I have had 2 new changing bags since I my feature on Make do and push! Perhaps I should do a similar post! those Lamaze toys really are so good for little ones!
    Will be interested to read your cloth nappy experience, we tried for a couple of days but back then she was only doing a #2 once a week or so and it was a pretty unpleasant experience... I gave up.

  2. I used to keep pretty much what you do in my changing bag - great minds! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x