Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Baba and Boo Shoes!

Baba and Boo did a shout out for reviewers for some of their shoes. As admirers from afar of their nappies I jumped at the chance to try some of their other products. Their nappies come in a hugely extensive range of patterns so I was hoping for something exciting and these shoes did not disappoint!

Gorgeous pink and red shoes adorned with a ruby red strawberry. They came in a lovely little bag and looked instantly like a great gift for a baby. And I think these are a purely lovely gift and I have in mind some one I will buy a pair for!

They are super soft leather upper and sole. Elastic helps these shoes stay in place as well as making them easy to get on wiggly feet! They look really well made with neat stitching and concealed elastic.

These came to us in size 0-6 months. L is 4 and a half months old and has, from what I can judge using her sleep suits, long feet for her age. These shoes fit well with a bit of growing space which is always preferable when buying anything for a baby. They give her wiggle room and are not constricting her feet. Something which is important for a fast growing baby!

We have had them now just over a week and have used them a handful of times, including on L's first trip to the theatre. They are softly creasing which doesn't detract from the wonderful design and make of these shoes. In fact I love the worn patterna they are developing. 

These shoes retail at £11.95 They come in a wide range of styles, I have my eyes on the hedgehogs in the next size up! I might even get the matching top and nappy ... But shhhh don't tell Daddy Morkus.


L obviously approves to! 

*I received these shoes in return for this review. All opinions voiced are my own. I have not received payment for this post.
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