Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Week That Was Instagrammed: week 7


We traveled down to Suffolk to start our holiday! We had a very full car. Two cats in a carrier, husband driving, baby in car seat and mummy squished in the back! 

We arrived to a house full of eager relatives. Great grandparents, great aunt, second cousins and grandparents. And we took this brilliant photo of four generations of women on my mothers side.

But it was also our first proper teething day. So L was very upset and needed proper medicine for pain. Her poor red cheeks and bottom, her fingers properly chewed. She then had an epic sleep. 


L slept in a big girl cot for the first time! She looked so small. This is a family cot which has had L's granddad, great aunt, aunt, second cousins and mum all sleeping in it in the past. 

We packed up the car again and headed to the forest for our holiday!! We had a lovely chalet to stay in and L had her own  lovely cot to sleep in. 

My sister is a dab hand with nail art so she did my nails! Ladybirds seemed appropriate for a Forest holiday.


A big day for J and I as we had our first date since becoming parents. 

We had breakfast in a revolving restaurant, followed by a session in the spa! It was really nice to spend time just the two of us again and to relax in the steamy mud bath. 


Today was a big day for little L. We took her swimming for the first time! 

She was a bit unsure at first but once we found the warm pool and a float to bob around in she loved it! She was kicking her legs and really going for it. 

We spent the morning in a cabana at the pool which was great as L could nap in the playpen in the dark while the grown ups spent time on the flumes and rapids. We also went on the new super ride! I just shut my eyes and screamed my way round.

In the evening the ladies had a session in the spa making the most of the steam rooms and saunas. It was bliss. 


Today was a quiet day, a facial in the morning and an afternoon spent with my camera. Took it out of auto mode and began to get my head around apature, shutter speed and ISO. 

L had her first cold today so she slept lots and was very sniffly.

We all went out enmass on the last night to celebrate our first family holiday.


The end of our holiday, which is very sad. We had a crazy morning packing up the car before a lovely pancake breakfast! 

L was better today after a horrible night. Less sniffly and in a better mood. 


We had a quiet day catching up again with the extended family. And I blogged again for the first time in a week. 

Overall the holiday was fabulous. We got to see family and make wonderful memories. J and I were able to pass L around to all her relatives which she loved. L was poorly with her teeth and a cold which made for some very dissrupted nights. Which meant that the extra relatives around to help were all the more appreciated.

The site we were on was large so there was a lot of walking or cycling to get between places. But with L at her tender age we couldn't put her on any of the bikes. Cue tired legs carrying tired parents. 

I will go back I think to our holiday chalet but with relatives again. If we had gone alone we wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving L with the baby sitting service yet so we wouldn't have been able to spend time alone together. The chalet had everything we could need and was cleaned daily if we wanted. 

We had a great time on L's first holiday but do feel we might need another holiday to recover! 


  1. Oh wow! It sounds like you had a lovely time on holiday :)

    I love the ladybird nails - I did mine like this when I was pregnant in my third trimester (and my last day of work in fact) and it always makes me happy when I think about them!

    Thank you so much for linking up again :) xx

    1. I am so sad. One of my ladybirds chipped off :-(

      My pleasure!

  2. Aw glad you had a lovely time on holiday and your nails are too cute!xx

    1. Thanks! I don't usually have much time to do my own nails at home with L so it was great having my sister around to play with them.