Monday, 21 October 2013

Get Fit Mummy: week 2

Food has been on my mind a lot recently and healthy choices in particular. 
I love food! I eat a varied diet. But I am an emotional eater. When I am stressed or blue I want cake and bread and chocolate. I crave sugary drinks and snacks. When I feel fresh and full of energy I love salads and veggies and water with lemon. 

I have a few pounds to lose to get back to my pre baby weight. I am not unhappy with my post baby body but I am not as comfortable in my skin as I was previously. I am more self conscious of my weight and the pudge that comes with it. 

Exercise has been thin on the ground recently but I have been walking lots and gardening which I certainly feel the next day! 

This week is the week I watch what I eat. I am going to record everything I eat. And photograph it so that I can see what I am eating and the choices that I am making. 

Look out for my Week That Was post on Sunday! 


  1. edemame beans are my favourite! well, at the Japanese restaurant I go to anyway!
    I wish I was only a few lbs heavier than pre baby! I was on a wedding dress diet when I got pregnant (whoopsy!) then obviously gave it up, but I am still about a stone heavier than pre pregnancy. I did put on 4 stone by the time I gave birth though (although I think a good stone of it was my huge elephantine arms, legs and feet! I had to wear flip flops a size too big to my C section booking in!... and home again!)

    1. I love sushi! It is my favourite food.

      I am going on how my clothes fit. I don't own a scales so it is guessing! I gained about 3 stone during my pregnancy mostly in my second trimester. I then had an 8lb baby. I didn't weigh myself during pregnancy but compared my 8week booking weight to my arrival at hospital in labour weight.

      There is still so much pressure on new mums to lose weight. In fact my first blog post was about it!