Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Week That Was Instagrammed: Week 4

Another Instagrammed week and link up with Make Do and Push! I really enjoy this link up as it means I write everyday about what we have been up to and it makes me take even more photos! These will be lovely to look back on once L is grown up.

We had friends round for breakfast which was lush, they also brought their newly two year old daughter over so it was lovely to see L's toys get some proper playing action. 

It was really chilly so we had stew for dinner. I love a good casserole and they are so easy to do when you have a baby, quick fry dung it all in the oven. Tidy. 

L's skills of grabbing have extended to pulling fabrics up to her face. She tucked herself up with Daddy Morkus, she continues to be sleepy and clingy post jabs. Hopefully she will feel back to her usual self soon.

I also got a bit crafty on Sunday evening and started making something for L. Watch this space to see how it works out.

Monday is currently baby massage day! But in the morning we did some playtime. I have been trying to develop L's play space because I looked at her space from a babies perspective and have been reading The Imagination Tree non stop! I began to write my Thursday blog post.

The baby massage session today focused on tummies, to help those baby bowels! It certainly helped clear L out! We then each had a glass of something bubbly to toast the seven new and safely delivered babies.

Tuesday is now buggy runners fitness! After an exhausting hour L and I were joined by my mum for a cup of tea in the park. The fitness class is good fun and aimed at new mums, it even includes hill runs (I didn't do these this week but will build up to it!). I will wait to see if it affects my waist line ... Although I should probably eat less cake to also help this! 

Today L and I joined the NCT ladies and babies for a picnic in the park. We sat by a pond and L very much enjoyed watching the trees. L is starting to be really interested in things just behind her and keeps arching her back and neck to see these wonders. It means she is also getting close to rolling!! 

Magic Moments August 2013

Just this. Lap time, TV and edible treats. Oh and a bit closer to rolling! 

Picnics in the park pt. 2 for this week! Different park this time and some newly returned from travels company. I made a bad shoe choice however and had to purchase emergency plasters! 

Looking forward to a bonus day with Daddy Morkus this weekend!

Rain rain go away. Although we can't really complain after the summer we have really had. We went to Stratfield for a spot of shopping in the morning and we had a very clingy baby to contend with. Usually she is happy to watch the world go by, or play solo for short spells of time. Not today. And for the second Saturday running she has gone down for a nap around 4 and just carried on sleeping through feeds and the usual bed time routine. Now I go to bed early anticipating an early wake up. 

A jammed packed week and thanks to this link up I have been able to record it. 

See you all next week.


  1. Gorgeous photos and glad to have discovered your blog :) xx

  2. Thank you for stopping by and reading. Xxx

  3. Some super cute photos!! L is beautiful :)

    Thank you so much for linking up again xxx

  4. Thanks Hannah, we are pretty chuffed with her. Xxx