Thursday, 22 August 2013

Babies Play Space Makeover

How I changed L's Play Space in response to her. Letting the teacher in me out! 

Early on in my pregnancy I brought a gorgeous baby play mat, forest animals hang from lovely arches of muted brown.

Now I have an active and inquisitive two month old who loves to stare at high contrast black, white and red as well as her own reflection. She likes to hit and grab objects hanging near her especially rings she can get her fingers through. The teacher in me needed to adapt the environment and plan for her interests. 

I took all the hanging toys that came with the playmat off and replaced them with the linking rings I brought following our first jabs. 

I brought a large mirror to prop up near the space. This also has high contrast images on the reverse side.

A new Lamaze toy with high contrast petals hanging down replaced firefly who although gorgeous and still popular was hard for L to see the shapes and colours. It also has two textured rings hanging down which L now likes to hold.

I spotted L staring at a ladybird pillow I have had since I was small so I added this to the space also. 

I brought out the taggie I had made for L while she was my tummy resident and am really chuffed that she likes to pull and touch the ribbons. 

So now our play space looks like this. 

I change the blanket that L lies on sometimes it is a fleece sometimes a plain cotton so she has a variety of textures to feel. L will happily play here for upwards of 15 minutes. Babbling away to the toys and any adult who joins in her play. She excitedly kicks her legs and waves her arms especially when she has made something happen with the toys. I have propped up a fabric book with black and white pictures around one edge as another point of interest and because it blocks her view of the TV and I am not ready to go there just yet! 
I will keep adapting this space for L as she grows and as her interests change, I will eventually add back the toys which came with the mat. She does like the owl who I named Hedwig!!
L is also starting to roll over to chat to her reflection. This also means she is moving around the mat a bit as she rolls back and forth. 

Happy playtime everyone.

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  1. Great pictures I love the one from little L's view

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