Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Week That Was Instagramed: week 2

Linking up for the second time with the lovely Hannah over at Make Do and Push.

Sunday 4th of August

The Week That Was Instagrammed: week 1

Our first wedding anniversary! We had a absolutely brilliant start to married life by bringing L into the world. Since L has arrived me and Daddy Morkus have come so much closer and we are a much better team now. I couldn't be happier or more in love.

We went out for lunch to celebrate and L was on tip top behaviour and slept the whole meal through so we could both enjoy some prime steak! 

Monday 5th of August

Little Lamb One Size Fits All Nappy Review

We stayed home on Monday due to sudden torrential rain showers. So I experimented with some more cloth and wrote the review of the fab Little Lamb OSFA nappy. 

I did however take delivery of a brand new sling for L and I to enjoy. It is super comfy and I can't wait to use it! As if to give her approval L promptly fell asleep in it. 

Tuesday 6th of August

Today I used the new sling to carry L to the library so I could get her a library card all of her own! I love reading and think it is never too early to read to children. We have a small selection of books brought for L as gifts and I have an extensive collection of picture books which I brought for school. But L can never have too many and I really want to forge good reading habits with regular trips to the library among them. We started today with these two beauties.

We got home and L was fascinated with the other babies in this little board book.

I also picked up some books and as L had an extensive afternoon nap I managed to read some with a cup of tea. Blissful. 

Wednesday 6th August 

Wordless Wednesday

Dribble. Poor L has been drowning in dibble recently. I don't know if this is the spectra of teething or just dribble but it needs mopping up. These little dribble bibs were a gift from my mum. I have a pattern and fabric to make some of my own but haven't had my sewing machine out since L has arrived. Maybe this will be my mission next week.

Thursday 7th August

Baby Timetable

A stay at home day with TV and snacks. 

Current favourite snack - sweet and salty popcorn

Current TV show watching back to back episodes of on Netflix - Criminal Minds

I also painted my toe nails while L enjoyed a long nap and some fun on her playmat. 

Daddy Morkus was on a work night out so I did bath and bed routine all by myself. I stayed calm through the tears and many wake ups and L did brilliantly eventually settling in her cot to sleep by herself, with a little help from Mr Dummy. Well done Mummy Morkus

Friday 8th August 

So today L has mostly been awake. Lots of playtime and cuddles for mummy but while L can not play that long before getting frustrated it is a bit taxing. She is also a bit out of sorts. Very clingy and upset much more easily. 

Saturday 9th August

The wedding of two very dear friends. In a swanky central London location. It was a lovely afternoon and evening. With very touching readings, cocktails and an amazing buffet with the most incredible rare roast beef and extensive selection of puddings. We didn't last until the midnight feast of bacon sarnies but were both impressed to be out till 11pm! 

We both missed L but my parents kept us informed with how she was doing and she was on tip top behaviour for them. Luckily we were distracted by our friends who allowed us to talk about L and were very understanding of our first trip away from her.

All in all a pretty great week.


  1. Oh well done you for coping with the bedtime routine all on your savvy :)

    It's very true - you can never start reading too early!

    I've found that Funky Giraffe bibs are the best when it comes to extensive dribble - they're very reasonable too :)

    Thanks for linking up - hope to see you again next week! xx

  2. Oooo thanks Hannah I will check out those bibs, I love an excuse to shop for L.