Thursday, 8 August 2013

Baby Timetable.

I am used to timetables as a teacher and now I am returning to a life of timetables with our baby timetable.

I currently have one regular date in our timetable but this is firmly in the Mummy Time category. A weekly lunch with the ladies from our NCT class. 

This week I have also booked us onto a baby massage course and a term of baby sensory. These will add one extra day of timetabled activity to each week from next week until December. 

This helps me get out of the house and do something productive. Today I have had a quiet day because of a possibly tough solo evening with L as Daddy Morkus is out. And I enjoy these days at home. But too often at the end of holidays when I was teaching I would find myself thinking "what have I done with my time" and some days I feel I have wasted opportunities to do something for L or myself. 

So I think it is important to have something in our timetable to do with L which means we have to get out of the house. We need a balance of home time and social time. I am very much looking forward to both the massage and baby sensory. L loves other babies already and I love talking to other adults during the day. Win win.

Our next addition to the timetable is looking likely to be a rhyme time at the local library and baby swimming!  

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