Sunday, 28 July 2013


I am a 20 something new mum to Little L. Born in June 2013. L was introduced to me wrapped tightly in hospital blankets by my husband Daddy Morkus in the operating theatre. This introduction is sadly very hazy as I was feeling incredibly ill after drugs and blood loss. Happily we have made up for it since and, in the spirit of not forgetting anything else from our journey together, this blog will be a place for me to share some of our experiences.

Family Morkus live in London. Usually a teacher, now on maternity leave. Photography, baking and crafting featured highly pre baby, now I am trying to find time to do these things again. Reading is a passion and I am never far from my kindle or a pile of real books. We have two cats. I have a ridiculous number of tea sets and love a good g and t. No tattoos, four piercings. We married last August and drank tea and ate scones. I would prefer to live in the countryside. 
  Introductions over with, now to get on with being Mummy Morkus.

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