Sunday, 28 July 2013

Body Image

I am sixish weeks post delivery. I have gained a child, nearly 1st, stretch marks and a, what is sometimes affectionately called, mummy tummy. It sticks out and wobbles in a way it never used to.

This is all normal, even if it is different from before pregnancy. I embrace this new normal and ignore the pressures from the media that say I should be springing back into shape or following a strict diet and exercise plan. I eat a healthy balanced diet. I walk with my pram and baby daily. I am breast feeding my baby. 

Eventually I will lose the weight gained and maybe I will be the size I was before. But maybe not. Nothing else in my life is how it was before so why should my body be? And quite frankly if weight gain and a different body shape are the pay offs for the amazing feat of making a baby and the smiles I get from her I will happily take it. 

Me six weeks after delivery. Embrace the change and feel positive about our bodies. I wish this for all women post baby, and girls growing up.

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