Friday, 15 April 2016

Intuition with Wilkinson

All mums know that time is precious, we count days, weeks months as babies grow, we count minutes asleep and we crave a few more minutes in the day for time for us.

Wilkinson Sword have thought about time pressed mums with their new razor, the Intuition razor has built in time saving, it is built in ease of use and it is perfect for those snatched five minute showers.

The razor has a built in block of soap or shaving cream which means you do not need to lather up before attending to those slightly hairy winter pins. We all know that sinking feeling when planning an outfit based on then sudden appearance of sunshine only to remember that legs have not been shaved. This razor means that even on your five minite cbeebie episode shower you can attend to the unwanted hairs.

I found the razor easy to use, it was quick and felt comforting on my skin, not drying which I was worried about, I have dry skin on my legs probably related to my pregnancy but this razor didn't both that, and in fact my skin felt very smooth after using the razor. I always follow a shave with a good moisturizer to counter balance any drying effect and did the same after using this razor.

Its a nice size in tour hand and easy to keep hold of in the shower. I did find it slightly trickier to get around my knees with the larger head of the razor, because of the moisturising block. But for ease of quick touch up shaves between waxes or during the week when we have less time this isn't a massive issue.

I don't think this would be my only razor and I would still need to do a nice proper shave with a regular razor once a week in the summer. But this Intuition razor is great for those five minute showers, and great for those quick ankle touch ups when you decide to wear turned up trousers!

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