Sunday, 3 May 2015

The lucky ones

This blog started with a post about mine, and the then new Mummy Cambridge's, body image and how the media has unrealistic expectations of us new mums.

On Saturday the 2nd of May the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged from hospital with their second newborn. Less than 12hours old. Wrapped in a shawl and sleeping peacefully.

They all looked splendid and oh so happy. It made me smile ear to ear when Kate turned to Wills and grabbed his hand. In the same way we all need to hold onto our loved ones the most in these moments and at that vulnerable time. 

But what followed on social media was lots in incredulous "I never looked like that." "If only I had make up artists and stylists to look like that." "She is so lucky."

But really my question is would we want to look like that after giving birth? Would we want to be made up and in a fancy dress? Would we want to have our photograph taken and shared the world over? Would we want to have to share our first picture of our baby with the world rather than just our families?

I would much rather be in my dark pjs and dressing gown. Wearing massive knickers and various things to soak up various leaks. (And you can bet Kate was wearing such things beneath the calm collected exterior.) I would much rather be snuggled up with hubby, baby and toddler and left in peace to recover and heal.  

So while she appears really lucky to be looking so glam just after giving birth really I feel incredibly sorry for her. Sorry that she has to look like this, rather than like we are all allowed to be post birth because of the freedom of anonymity. 

Because you can bet your bottom dollar if she had tried to come down in her primark nightie and dressing gown, wearing flip flops, the press would have been just as judgemental as everyone is currently being abut how good she looked. 

So I welcome this new Pricess Charlotte to the world. I hope her parents can shield her from the medias cruel and jugdegmenat eyes and teach her body confidence and self worth, equip her with the skills to let mean words from strangers brush off her back. 

As strangers we look in, we see wealth and station. We get jealous. But really aren't we the lucky ones? 

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