Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy Birthday from Bakers Days

I was tweeted a tweet which was hard to ignore. An invitation to sample cake! 

Who says no to cake?

Not me that is for sure.

I was directed to Bakers Days website with their extensive selection of cakes for all occasions. I love the idea of sending personalised cakes to friends or relatives who you can't join to celebrate with. It's a lovely way to show someone you're thinking of them. And as I said above, who says no to cake?

There is a range of sponge options, size options, personalised options and occasion options. As it was going to be my birthday in a few days I ordered a chocolate birthday cake to be personalised to Mummy Morkus, mostly to make sure Daddy Morkus didn't steal it to share with his work colleagues! I went for chocolate chip sponge, chocolate is my favourite. I was going to be sent the small sized "letter box" cake. I was very intrigued to see how my cake would fair arriving via the letter box! 

The tin the cake arrived in was super cute! I've kept it to keep my candles in for future cakes.

A very nicely personalised cake, it looks printed onto the Royal icing, not sure how they do that magic. 

Included in the box with the cake tin was a lovely little card, some candles, a party toot thing and balloons! Perfect for friends to have a little celebration at home or in the office. The card arrived blank and I don't know if I can be filled in by Bakers Days before sending the cake to a friend who you won't be seeing.

The cake is large enough for four portions. When I cut my first slice I was surprised to see the sponge was also chocolate. Having ordered chocolate chip this was slightly unexpected. But one bite in all was forgiven, the sponge was moist and very chocolatey. There was a layer of chocolate butter cream between the sponge and the royal icing, ensuring the moist cake could remain moist. I kept the cake in the tin it arrived in for the next four days having one slice a day and on each day the cake was as nice as the day before. 

The perfect nap time treat! 

These little cakes would be perfect to send to friends for their birthdays but also for a new baby, a new job or just to say that you are thinking of someone in a tough time. 

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