Monday, 1 December 2014

Morkus Christmas 2014: Lists

I have a long standing tradition, habit or insistance, of not talking about Christmas until after my birthday. I love Christmas but I like it to be contained to Advent in the main and not extended too long. Years of working in retail with two or three months of Christmas kinda kills it.

This year we are hosting for the first time. I am at once excited and terrified at the prospect. In 2012 J and I had a solo Christmas as a newly wedded and pregnant couple. We raided M&S and hold up on our own in our freezing flat with the Radio Times as our only timetable. It was fab but even putting a turkey breast joint in the oven for two for my more than a little stressed. 

So to ensure that this year I am free to enjoy my family and my 18month old free form stress I am writing a whole heap of lists. 


See the Christmas lights in central London 
Vist Father Christmas and hope for less tears than last year 
Christmas services at local church
Decorate a tree and the home


Christmas pjs and jumpers all round
Christmas presents for two families and numerous friends
Wrapping paper 
New, chosen by the baby, decorations
Festive candles
A Christmas tree 

Food Shopping

A massive turkey
All the trimmings
Drinks for J's 12 Drinks of Christmas


Christmas cards


Discovery box
Small worlds
Messy play
Puddle splashing 
Singing festive songs 
Reading Christmas books

These are just a few of the items on my more detailed lists. I will share more about my do, play and make lists later on. And I can say that half of my shopping list is crossed off as all the shopping is purchased and wrapped leaving me to focus on Advent with my family and friends. 

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