Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weaning Wednesday: Yumbox Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely Yumbox to review after admiring them on Twitter.

It arrived really promptly well packaged. I was really chuffed with the colour, I usually go gender neutral for these sorts of things but the pink was so bright and funky I couldn't pass it by.

This lunch box is really helpful for me as it has separate compartments for each of the food groups; dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and a cute little pot for a sweet treat or dip. I often worry about the lunches I am making L and if they are as balanced as they should be. 

I used it first properly when I went for lunch with two fellow bloggers. 

L had yoghurt, orange, pepper and carrot sticks, rice cakes and cheese muffins. I put it all flat into a lunch box along with an ice pack and a drink. I do think that some way to improve this lunch box would be for it to have an ice pack which could fit into the bottom of the box. 

On arriving I inspected the box and did notice that the yoghurt had leaked a little bit out of the back. The box promises that because of the special fit of the box with the lid that leaks are kept to a minimum. It was a small leak considering the way the yoghurt was stored and could be solved by placing as tube of yoghurt folded in half and place in the diary section. Or putting a yoghurt tube lose in the lunch box outside of the Yumbox.

I used the Yumbox again when out for the day with L in the sling. L had yoghurt, oranges, cucumber and pepper and pizza pinwheels. We had similar minimal leaks and I think that leaving the box to settle before opening helped with the leaks. I left the protein section empty on this occasion knowing that the yoghurt and cheese in the pinwheel covered the protein in the meal. 

Overall I am really impressed with this little lunch box. It makes me think carefully about how balanced L's meals are and the sections are appropriately sized for the various portions. 

The Yumbox isn't yet available to buy in the UK but will be available from June via


  1. Ohh what a great idea! I haven't seen them before!!

  2. I think these are fab for a well balanced lunch, I often worry too about balanced meals for E. I'm converted after seeing the yumbox I'm action! X

  3. Oh I followed them on instagram after seeing yours, what a brilliant idea, it makes lunch planning way easier? did you find L flung the box on the floor when she used it? how did it fare if that did happen?
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x