Monday, 17 March 2014

Discovery Basket: Biting Basket


I don't need to talk much more about the dramas of teething infants but I have been trying to help L by providing her with a biting basket.

Ever since L could hold a toy she has been bringing them up to her mouth to suck, lick or chew. The chewing is most constant when we also have red cheeks, ear pulling and 2am wake up calls. 

I have this on offer all the time during high teething episodes and L is often found with one or more in her mouth. She seems to vary the things she chews on selecting the one she wants by biting each in turn and then deciding on the preferred biting toy.

The Nuby Icybitey Keys can, as the name suggests, be cooled in the fridge. This is brilliant for L and one of her most popular puddings during teething periods is frozen banana.

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