Friday, 28 March 2014

40 weeks in and 40 weeks out.

This week marks the date on which L had been out as long as she was in. 

A pregnancy is always referred to as nine months, but at 40 weeks it is usually closer to ten months by the time a baby arrives into the world. Two weeks of a pregnancy are counted before a baby is even conceived. By 37 weeks a baby is full term and arrival from then causes no real concerns but there are still signs that they have come out of the oven a bit early. A baby is not seen as an individual or person in their own right lawfully until they have been delivered and separated from their mother. Your baby is the only person on the planet who knows the sound of your heart beat on the inside. 

Bump from 4 weeks to 40 weeks with baby shower at 36 weeks.

Pregnancy still fascinates me. And I've done it. I still can't quite get my head around the massive instant sudden start to life which happens deep inside us. It's a huge privilege that I have been able to have L with no real issues. It's a privilege many struggle to achieve, and I for one am eternally thankful for our gift. 

I had a relatively trouble free pregnancy. Scares from viruses brought into my classroom. And in a post next week you will read about our scariest pregnancy moment, again sourced from the classroom. 

I loved being pregnant. I loved my bump growing and feeling Pip, our pet name for bump, move was the most amazing feeling. Even towards the end when Pip would spend long hours resting and grinding in my hips causing sciatica. Watching limbs and feet poke out of my bump was a favourite past time, especially in the last few weeks once I had started maternity leave and would sit in bed staring at the waiting crib dreaming of Pips arrival. Pip had ticklish feet even then and I loved how they would quickly pull their foot away from my tickling finger, the same way she does it now. 

I knew Pip was going to be 8lb, bigger than either J or I on arrival, and having always measured ahead for dates was ready for a big bump by the time I was full term. But I loved it. It was the first time in my life I didn't worry at all about muffin tops, bloating (impossible to worry when you can call bloating a bump ;-)), fat face or what to wear. I was bump out and proud in clingy tops and endless stripes to show of my shape for all to see. I miss my bump body and maternity wardrobe. 

Even though I was convinced Pip was going to be a boy we didn't have a top favourite boy name, and even now I can only remember one boy name from our long list of possible names. My favourite girl name ended up not suiting Pip, who had caused a lot of drama during labour but proved to be stubborn and steady in the face of it all. Her chosen name is perfect for her. I knew it was her name as soon as we knew Pip was a girl. It couldn't be anything else. 

In the hospital on day one.

In nine months L has grown from a tiny almost invisible speck, a random collection of cells, to an 8lb new-born. In the nine months since she has continued to grow and delight us. She has her own personality. Her own likes and dislikes and habits. She is still stubborn and is very determined in her endeavours. She is independent and social. She walks and chatters, hugs and kisses, waves and crawls. She stacks, fills and empties. She eats, drinks and snacks. She has friends and is starting to share with mummy and daddy. 

This week also marks the proper start of nursery searches and visits. It marks the start of her adventures away from us. On one visit this week L has proved she is more than ready for this next step. 

I am so very proud of her. I can not wait to see how she continues to grow and what she learns next. The human brain grows and learns at it's most rapid rate between 0-4. At no other time will L learn and change so much so quickly. It is a privilege to be her parent. 

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  1. aaaw, i cant wait to meet my girl, im 6 months and i still dont hink that its a bond, but we certainly are close as it can be possible with each other, Im so worried about her for somereason, when I hear loud noises, when someone speaks loudly, or someone smokes I always think did she hear it, can she feel it, its crazy

  2. Lovely post and lovely to hear how much you enjoyed being pregnant! One of my best friends had a very smooth pregnancy and she talked for a long time after how much she missed her bump. SO i understand, but sadly can't relate! I hated being pregnant, I didn't have the best time and felt like a whale. I'd do it again if we are lucky enough to have a second child and it is worth it but I was glad when my bump was gone again and I could walk without crutches and didn't feel sick every day. It's amazing watching htem grow so much isn't it and I love that you've recognised the date when she has been outside for as long as she was inside. Lovely post #pocolo

  3. Lovely post. I enjoyed being pregnant too although I had a huge bump because I had twins! #pocolo

  4. Bless her. I think that 9 months is such a major landmark :) I really enjoying being pregnant too :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. This is so lovely! I hadn't thought of the 40-week in and out concept but it's a lovely way of looking at these amazing months of your life!