Thursday, 27 February 2014

Picture Book Challenge: January and February

Here is a round up of the books we have read so far in our 300 Picture Book Challenge. I have recorded the books in various ways.

My favourites from this list include My First Taxi. L's Granddad is a taxi driver and this book was brought for L by a family friend when she was a newborn. 

I also love Wake Up do Lydia Loo, this was a Christmas present and I can use L's name when we tell it. A ghost is on a mission to wake up Lydia and employs the help of various noisy guests. It is also great for Phase 1 of letters and sounds as children learn to make sounds and I will use this book when I am back in the classroom.

Our Book Basket is always out and these are the titles currently being enjoyed. A mix of our own and library books.
L's favourite is the Animals one. She always opens this one when she sees it and flicks through the pages.

Our bed and nap time stories are currently always paperbacks, I can't leave L unattended with paper books as she loves to rip things. So I make the most of our extensive, and ever growing collection of picture books at bed and nap times. 

My favourite was a Baptism gift and is Bear Snores On. I love the rhyming, the kindness of the mouse and the illustrations. It makes me want to have fire side picnics in caves.

As I am unable to resist a bargain I also picked up three new picture books for only £5 in my local Sainsbury's. Well worth a look.

I have great nostalgia for Shirley Hughes and Alfie stories in particular. Memories of story times with my Nanny, beautiful illustrations well worthy of framing and lovely stories all children can relate to. Even now. My Busy Belling Bella Day is a great story for children who may have started nursery and be missing siblings or parents at home. It seems very true to the experiences of children in my classes who quickly become too distracted by being busy to miss home too much.

So I am up to 48 books, with a possible few more not remembered or recorded.

Not bad but could do better. (I have written Stick Man down twice but counted once)

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well. We are up to 87 as we started off really well but we are slowing down a lot now my baby is always on the go! I love Wake Up do Lydia Loo too. It was one of the first ones we borrowed from the library this year.