Monday, 18 November 2013

Magic Moments: Sniffles and cuddles

L is poorly. She has a cold. She has a temperature, is sneezing and miserable and none of this is magic.

But this is.

L hasn't napped on me since she was a newborn. I would have lots of sleepy cuddles with a cluster feeding snuggly baby. I would be stuck on the sofa all day with her. I would cuddle her all day breathing in her gorgeous smell.

Then she stopped. She would push me away and arch her back, she wanted down and out of my arms to sleep. I blame my worry that she wouldn't settle by herself on the fact that I would put her down to sleep in her cot as often as I could. 

I taught her independence which is brilliant but I miss her need for me and her cuddling me in sleepy peace. I miss those sleepy cuddles. 

So on Sunday when my poorly pickle was for once not wanting to sleep alone I cuddled her. Sang her our song. And held her whilst she slept in my arms. And that was magic.  


  1. On the odd usually ill bug occasion I adored this #magicmoment too. Now my boy is 3 its few and far between but he fell asleep on me last week on the bus. The warm cuddles were just incredible & he stayed snuggled on my lap when we got home too. Not waking once until dinner* love ur post** #magicmoments xxx hope lil bubb gets well soon

  2. My wee girl is the same, and much as I hate her being ill, the snuggles are magical :) hope she feels better soon x #MagicMoments

  3. Kids are cuddly by nature or not no matter what you did or didn't do as a parent. I have 6 and some just love a cuddle and other's just aren't that bothered. I treat them all the same. Lovely to look back on those early naps and enjoy the poorly cuddles from children. My most independant 13 year old was really sick last night and snuck into bed for a cuddle this morning, I was quite shocked and delighted (not by the sickness). Hope your cuddles last after the illness goes!

  4. awww honey i do hope L is feeling much better now although i do hope your still getting cuddle though!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments