Thursday, 14 November 2013

Baba and Boo OSFA Pocket Nappy Review

When our parcel from Baba and Boo arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find they had sneaked in a nappy along side the shoes to review! Very cheeky but very exciting for this cloth loving mummy.
I have admired the prints of the Baba and Boo nappies for a while. I think they have the most extensive selection of prints of any nappy brand on the market. They also do co-ordinated nappies to their t-shirts and now shoes! How exciting. 

Now to the nappy. I was sent the beautiful Strawberry Blossom print which went beautifully with the shoes we have already reviewed.

Baba and Boo do OSFA nappies. They come with popper closure, a waterproof yet breathable patterned outer and a fleece pocket on the inside to wick away moisture and keep the microfibre booster in place. 

The nappy comes with two boosters. They can both go in together for long wear time or one can be used at a time. Bear in mind the fit difference between the one and two booster options. I found with both boosters in L is slightly in between sizes and that I got a better fit with just one booster. But with an ever growing baby this is bound to change. The one booster lasted nearly three hours. 

I washed this nappy along side my others at 40degress, I then soaked the boosters and washed it all again before using the nappy. This helps up the absorbency of the nappy and prepare it for the soaking to come! 

As said above with one booster the nappy fitted L well, it is very similar to my Little Lamb nappies in its fit and size when on. It is a bit bulky but I have come to expect this with a two piece pocket nappy such as this or the Little Lamb.

The nappy when washed dries in the same time frame as the Little Lamb, about two days for the booster, one for the outer part. This is acceptable as my stash is growing and allows this dying time frame. If I was to only have these nappies I would need more than I currently have to allow for drying time between washes. I would say if you use an average of five nappies a day then you would probably want 20 of these nappies.

All in all a good nappy. They retail at £9.25 which is brilliant value for a gorgeous print nappy and come is such a range of prints you wont feel too bad buying more than one. If you love cloth because of the prints and how pretty they are, Baba and Boo are the nappies for you! 

*I was sent the nappy in return for the review. All opinions voiced are my own. I have not received payment for this post.

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