Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn Bucket List

So I wrote first about my Autumn Bucket list back in September Magic moments yet to come. And have been working on it all season. As the end of Autumn is in sight I thought I would look back and see what is left to be done.

Here is a run down of how we are doing so far 

*I have taken my camera out of auto mode and for the most part photograph is manual mode. Yippie. I am no expert and it takes me time. But it is a start.

*I have been baking once a week since moving house and loving it. There have been huge cakes, tasty pies, madelaines and this weekend a pavlova!

*I have made lots of plans to make something beautiful but so far they haven't come to fruition. I blame the fact that my sewing machine is at the back of a very full cupboard! The chosen thing is a cushion for L's nursery.

*I have been taking L to the park once a week. She still loves staring at trees and I talk to her lots about how the leaves are changing colour.

*We are doing regular story times, currently before bath time every evening. My phone is down and away and I am focused on sharing stories with my little lady. Now that the books are accessible in L's room we have loads of choice but we are still also using the library.


*We had the baby sitters in so we could celebrate Aunty K's engagement. I have also left L with Daddy Morkus all by himself for the first time and gone shopping with my girls.

*We have moved and we are settling. There are still boxes and furniture in the wrong places while we save and get things sorted but it is happening.

*I am sure my followers would agree I am doing this!

*I have felt so much more positive since the move. I am not in so many places. I am settled and this is helping massively. I can plan and organise and tidy my home. The blues are still there and the physical tiredness that comes with them still hits but it is manageable.
Only Best For Baby

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